What Does the Question Mark Mean in Bitcoin Wallet?

You may have a question mark in the Bitcoin address of your wallet. This question mark means that you need to verify the address before you can spend it. Luckily, there are two simple ways to do it. First, you can either verify the address by clicking on the question mark or you can simply click on the address and confirm it.

Verify your Bitcoin wallet address

Before you can begin using your Bitcoin wallet address to send money, you must verify its integrity. There are several ways to do this. One option is to use an intermediary wallet. These wallets are controlled by your intermediary, and they can accept deposits and withdrawals. However, you must be sure that the wallet you’re using has the keys to it.

Confirm your bitcoin wallet address

In order to use Bitcoin, you need to confirm your wallet address before transferring funds. You should also remember to use a new address for every transaction. The Bitcoin wallet address you use must be unique and fresh. This way, if someone sends you some BTC and you don’t want it to end up with another owner, you can send them back.

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