How to Check For Bitcoin Miner Reddit

There are several symptoms that indicate the existence of a Bitcoin miner. If you suspect that you’re being targeted by this type of malware, there are several things you can do to protect yourself. This article discusses the symptoms and solutions to this problem. It also covers the potential sources and problems.


You can use the tools available on the Internet to detect and remove Bitcoin mining malware. For instance, you can search for the ISSCH folder on your computer’s Appdata Local. Similarly, you can run a malware-detecting software like Eset or Malwarebytes to check for this particular malware. If neither of these tools detect the miner, you can try using an open source script that overwrites the comments on your computer. This script can be installed through Firefox and Chrome extensions called GreaseMonkey.


If your computer is using a lot of CPU power, there is a good chance that you have a Bitcoin miner on your system. These processes use your GPU and CPU, and they can even use 50% of your CPU at one point. This will cause your computer to run slower and can even damage your hardware.

You will experience a number of different symptoms once your computer is infected with a Bitcoin miner. These include: (i) excessive use of your CPU and graphics card, (which are two of the most expensive parts of your computer) and (ii) increased electric bills. Moreover, this type of malware does not show any windows, so you may not even know that you have it installed. Therefore, you should monitor your computer for any symptoms that are suspicious, and look for unidentified processes in your task manager.


If you’re interested in mining but aren’t sure where to get started, there are several subreddits dedicated to cryptocurrency. Some have tens of thousands of members, and have grown exponentially over the past year. Their growth is driven by the volume of posts each day, as well as subscriber activity rankings. These numbers indicate a healthy community growth and continued expansion.

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